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Tripett Green Beef Tripe Duck & Salmon 12 x 396 gr cans

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Tripett “Green Beef Tripe, Duck & Salmon” is a grain free product consisting of nearly 100% pure meat and tripe (green beef tripe, duck & salmon).
Green beef tripe is the unbleached, nutrient rich stomach lining of a grass-fed animal containing essential fatty acids and digestive juices important for your pet’s health. Duck & Salmon are highlypalatable and rich in omega’s 3 & 6. This product is often used as an added boost for Skin+Coat condition, and variety of protein.
Tripett. Feed well.

Picky eaters
Sensitive Stomachs
Cleaner Teeth
Digestive Improvement
Healthy & Nutritious for puppies
Rejuvenation for older dogs
Lustrous and healthy skin+coat
Aids pets in food and diet transitions

Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein: 10% Min Crude Fat: 7% Min Crude Fiber: 0.5% Max Moisture: 79.8% Max Ash: 1% Max Fatty Acids (Omega 6): 0.49% Min Fatty Acids (Omega 3): 0.23% Min Calcium: 136mg per can (5.5oz/156g) 345mg per can (14oz/396g) 320mg per can (13oz/369g) Phosphorus: 172mg per can (5.5oz/156g) 436mg per can (14oz/396g) 405mg per can (13oz/369g) Ingredients Green Beef Tripe, Water, Duck, Salmon, Garlic, Carrageenan Gum Feeding Guidelines 5-15 lbs: 1/5-1/3 can per day 15-30 lbs: 1/4-2/3 can per day 30-70 lbs: 1/3-1 can per day 70 lbs +: 1/2-2 cans per day Sizes Canada: 14oz/396g, 5.5oz/156g USA: 13oz/369g, 5.5oz/156g