Sustainably Yours Multi Cat PLUS extra odour control Litter 26 Lbs

Sustainably Yours Multi Cat PLUS extra odour control Litter 26 Lbs

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Sustainably Yours Multi Cat PLUS extra odour control Litter 26 Lbs

Need more powerful Natural Odour Control? 

Multi-cat plus to the rescue

Six family-friendly reasons to go with Sustainably Yours.

100% sustainable
Sustainably Yours is made from Corn and Cassava, two crops that are completely natural, renewable and biodegradable. Also known as yuca or manioc, cassava is an edible, tropical plant grown worldwide.

A clean you can see! ™
This litter is whiter than other plant-based brands. Which makes it easy to keep the litter box tidy and spot differences in your cat’s urine. If you detect any changes, please consult a veterinarian!

Stops odors on contact.
The specially prepared corn in Sustainably Yours has exceptional odor-fighting properties. It instantly neutralizes offensive smells without added chemicals and keeps on working – no matter how many cats you have.

Low dust, chemical and, fragrance-free
Sustainably Yours is made in a proprietary way that virtually eliminates dust. It doesn’t contain any chemicals or fragrances. Plus, it’s formulated for minimal tracking!

Clumps firmer and faster.
The cassava in Sustainably Yours is naturally rich in starch. It works exceptionally well with corn starches to form remarkably solid clumps. These clumps not only entrap any residual odor but unlike ordinary plant-based litters, they can easily be scooped out without breaking or crumbling.

After soaking for 15 minutes, Sustainably Yours clumps can be safely* flushed. However, parasites in cat litter have been found to harm certain mammals and we recommend you do your research before flushing. 


Besides bringing you and your cat a natural, 100% sustainable litter, we’re doing our part
to protect the planet by donating a portion of every purchase to help support the
Rainforest Trust.

This organization acquires acreage in threatened rainforests worldwide to protect and
sustain natural habitats. Over 18 million acres have been rescued since 1988! To learn more
about Rainforest Trust’s global conservation projects,
please visit