pidan Original Tofu Cat Litter with Occult Blood Test Particles 24 lbs in 4 x 6 lbs bags

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 The Tofu Cat Litter.

The Original Tofu Cat Litter with Occult Blood Test Particles - (see more details below)

We use food-grade bean dregs to make the tofu cat litter.

The bean dregs would end up in the landfill otherwise.

Because tofu cat litter contains no artificial additives, it is safe and reliable for your cat to use.

Advantages of the tofu cat litter.

It is dust-free so that everyone could breathe freely. Choosing a dust-free cat litter is better for your respiratory system.

It clumps easily and quickly. The faster and easier the clump forms, the quicker and better the odor gets contained. Also, it makes cleaning the litter box more convenient. 

You have more than one way to dispose of it after use. You can choose to flush it down the toilet, throw it away as garbage, or use it as fertilizer if you think it's appropriate.

We upgraded the tofu cat litter, and it is better than ever.

 We made it possible by mixing tofu cat litter with a 2 mm diameter with a tofu cat litter with a 1.5 mm diameter.

Each bag contains 70% tofu cat litter with a 2 mm diameter and 30% tofu cat litter with a 1.5 mm diameter.

And the result is better than ever. 

The ability to wrap around gets a significant improvement.

 Compared to the previous version, the ability to wrap around is better.

The ability to be dissolved becomes even better.

Compared to the previous version, it dissolves quicker and more thoroughly.

The ability to save even more on usage.

Compared to the previous version, it absorbs liquid more complete and quicker.

It can absorb a fluid volume four times greater than itself in just two seconds.

Thus, helping you save on usage and money.

The ability to reduce fluid sinking to the bottom is even better.

Because of the different pellet size, the gap between the pellets become much closer.

So fluid does not sink to the bottom of the litter box that easily.

Kind Reminder.

1. It is impossible to avoid road bumps and parcel collisions during transit, causing the packaging to lose vacuum. Don't worry, because the packaging vacuum is to remove dust, facilitate packing, and make stocking up more convenient. And it has no effects on cat litter's function. Please use it with confidence.

2. To prevent clogging, do not flush excessive cat litter down the toilet at one time.

3. We recommend spreading the cat litter flat in the litter box with a thickness of 3-5 cm; scooping out the cat litter clumps every day for cats to have a cleaner toileting experience.

4. Regarding color difference: The color of different cat litter batches may be slightly different, which is normal. Please use it with confidence.

Why Add Occult Blood Test Particles?

It keeps your cat's health in check all the time.

Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) threatens the health of cats, and hematuria, the presence of blood in urine, is a reliable marker of urinary system diseases. In recent years, Lower urinary tract diseases in cats have become more and more common, and the clinical incidence is about 10% of the total number of cat cases, and it is on the rise. After treatment, there is still a high risk of recurrence. In obstructive FLUTD, the recurrence rate within 6 months is 45%, while in the cases without obstruction, the recurrence rate within 1 year is 39%. Therefore, for cats, after treatment, long-term observation and regular testing are required.

*Zhao Li, Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease [D], Northwest Sci-Tech University of Agriculture and Forestry, 2014

*Barker J, Povey RC. The feline urolithiasis syndrome: a review and an inquiry into the alleged role of dry cat food in its etiology [J]. Journal of Small Animal Practice, 1973, 14: pp. 445-57

* Bovee KC, Reif JS, et al. Recurrence of feline urethral obstruction [J]. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 1979, 174: pp. 93-6


It helps the self-check at home to prompt your cat's health hazards.

Self-check at home is better because taking cats out of the house may trigger a stress response. 

Cat litter replaces test paper is better because urine is difficult to collect.

High sensitivity color rendering is better because traces of blood are hard to detect with the naked eye.

It's better because it helps with early detection and early treatment. And it helps cats with FLUTD because they need long-term observation and timely follow-up. 

If a small amount of colorless blood is encountered, the test particles will turn blue.

It can detect hemoglobin with a concentration as low as 0.1% and continuously render color for 48 hours.

The occult blood test particles change from white to blue-green, which means that hemoglobin is detected. Even if the color is not visible to the naked eye, it is recommended to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Product Information.

Product Name: pidan Cat Litter - Original Tofu Type

Suitable For: Cats of all stages

Dimension: 27 x 22 x 9 cm

Net Weight: 2.4 kg

Material: Bean dregs, Strach, Guar gum

Shelf Life: 2 years