iL CANE - Breezy Leash

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Il Can make a great product and we know you'll love them.  Add the fact they are a local Vancouver business run by a wonderful woman and you have a trifecta of reason to purchase their cool products.

Lax Leash Length - 5.5 ft for a relaxed dog walking.

Strict Leash Length - 4 ft for a structured dog walking.

These 100% Nylon Webbed Leashes are lightweight, but durable.

Nylon has a tencel strength of holding 2,500 – 7,000 lbs - This Nylon webbed leash performs under any dog pulling pressure. The padded handle provides extra comfort for you.

It's lightweight feature makes it perfect for travelling with, and the easy to use round clasp makes for quick leash to collar attachment. 

Wrap the leash cross body and clip to the triangular d-ring for hands free off leash dog walks.

You can also attach any poop bag holders to the triangular d-ring at handle, for easy poop bag transportation.