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Wellness Mixed Complete Entree 24 x 5.5 oz. cans

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Cats. They’re everyone’s favorite mysterious creature—finicky, crafty and aloof. We all know finding the right food for our picky cats can be frustrating. Fortunately, there's Wellness. Wellness Natural Cat food helps with whole body health and picky appetites. Give Wellness a try; it might be the one they don’t reject.In fact, it’s Catisfaction Guaranteed.Wellness stands by our products and guarantees you'll find a tasty, healthy option your cat loves, risk-free. Love it or return it!

This mixed pack was requested by one of our customers.  We usually mix two to four different types depending on what is in stock.  It's kind of a mixed bag.  Email us if you have any specfic requests and we should be able to sort you out.


Our Complete Health recipes for cats combine natural, premium proteins to deliver a balanced diet full of the nutrients your cat needs for a lifetime of wellbeing, no matter her life stage or unique nutritional needs. Each recipe is crafted with antioxidants to support strong immune systems, balanced nutrients for optimal energy and controlled minerals for urinary tract health.