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iL CANE - Breezy Pick Up Bag Holder

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Il Can make a great product and we know you'll love them.  Add the fact they are a local Vancouver business run by a wonderful woman and you have a trifecta of reason to purchase their cool products.

Worth every penny... this pick up bag holder is light weight, easy to attach, and best of all DURABLE. Made from neopreen fabric and a matte faux leather, with a reverse coil zipper at the top, it has a clean, sleek look.  Strictly designed to hold a roll of pick up bags, you could cheat, and throw a key inside for additional storage use.

Loop on the back, secures the holder to your leash so it won't be dangling and getting in the way. Easy clasp at top attaches to d-rings at leash handle, or around the actual leash handle itself, if no d-ring is present on your leash. We suggest pairing this item with our Breezy light weight, padded handled leash, complete with d-ring.

Easy, light weight poop bag transportation and multi-use.