pidan Bentonite Cat Litter, 12 kg

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- Sodium bentonite is a mineral clay, not soil clay. Mineral resources are from Mineral Technologies® in the US and refuse to add additives, all for the health of cats.

Mineral Technologies® invented scoopable cat litter from sodium bentonite. This product underwent tests to ensure the highest quality.

- Clumps in 3 seconds and traps odor.

- It quickly clumps firmly before liquid infiltrating the bottom of the litter box and will not fall apart, no more sticky litter box.

- The bentonite particles in a combination of different particle sizes improve encapsulation of the feces and urine; black activated carbon particles are abundant in micro-holes that adsorbs odor; blue STA particles reduce the spread of odor.

- It is 99% dust-free.

- freshing and tasteless. It contains no flavors and fragrances. However, mineral particles emit a faint mineral odor when exposed to water.

- Please keep it in a dry and cool place and use it as soon as possible after opening.

- Periodically clean up all the cat litter to ensure results.

- Do not flush this product into the toilet.